What You Should Know About Homecare

Home Care – The Facts

Many families do not understand the differences in the types of caregivers for hire and the risks involved with having the wrong person in their home. The chart below helps to outline your choices and responsibilities. Remember that not every “agency” screens their caregivers the same. This page will help you with questions to ask to ensure you and your family are safely cared for.

Questions to ask when choosing a home care provider

  • Are you licensed by the Dept. of Social Services
  • Does your company do drug screening on every caregiver?
  • Does your company require a TB test for every employee?
  • Are the caregiver’s employees of your company?
  • Does your company do background checks on all caregivers?
Screen, train & supervises staff Caregivers are not employees Hired privately by client
Caregivers are employee Do not withhold payroll taxes Clients are responsible for all payroll taxes & worker’s compensation
Carry liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and bond caregivers Do not carry workers’ compensation Clients should review IRS laws
Best option when having people come into your home California law does not require registries to disclose that they are not the employer It is difficult for families to effectively screen caregivers
Who is Responsible? Home Care Agency Home Care Registry Private Hire
  Locate, screen, interview, train   x     Will not train   Client Responsible
  Check employer references   x ? Client Responsible
  Verify US work authorization   x   ?   Client Responsible
  Negotiate salary/benefit   x   x   Client Responsible
  Determine work schedule   x   Client Responsible   Client Responsible
  Supervision of staff   x   Client Responsible     Client Responsible
  Caregiver replacement, if needed   x   x     Client Responsible  
  Worker compensation insurance   x   Client Responsible     Client Responsible  
  Employment requirements (social security tax, Medicare tax, unemployment insurance, fed. & state tax, bonding, liability insur. x   Client Responsible     Client Responsible  

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